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 Application for Employment at The Council of Churches


Send application and resume to:  Rosemarie Kleitz, Broome County Council of Churches, 3 Otseningo St, Binghamton, NY   13903


One position available at the Council of Churches!!


EFFECTIVE DATE:            November 13, 2015 

POSITION TITLE:              CHOW and Agency Relations Manager

POSITION STATUS:          Full-Time, Exempt

PROGRAM:                           CHOW /Broome Bounty

SUPERVISOR:                      CHOW Director           

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Receives limited supervision. Oversees management of the Pantry/Broome Bounty Programs, warehouse and logistics.

Agency Relations: 

  • Ensure a professional and prompt response to inquiries to requests for information or requests for services.
  • Provide an exceptional experience in all phases and aspects of verbal and written communication
  • Provide appropriate education and follow-up about food insecurity and related CHOW/Bounty programming
  • Develop, improve and administer a professional process for accepting and soliciting assistance with providing services to the community
  • Follow-up with communication and inquiries in a timely and professional manner
  • The recognition that every communication should be mission-driven
  • Thorough knowledge of existing community services


  • In partnership with the Director, develop, monitor, and enhance all aspects of staff development and service delivery
  • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with all BC3 staff, volunteers and those associated with the Council
  • Ensure the efficient use of BC3 staff and resources
  • Develop a working understanding of all CHOW/Bounty positions and enhance departmental cross-training to ensure the consistent effective and efficient delivery of services.


 Ensure that all Feeding America FBST partnership contractual obligations are met and that the systems for compliance are up-to-date

  • Ensure the proper intake and output of donated product is documented
  • Ensure that all local, state, and federal safety standards are in compliance
  • Ensure that all BC3 policies and procedures are adhered to
  • Ensure that all donor requests regarding donated product are respected

Warehouse Responsibilities:

  •  Provide management of day-to-day activities of the CHOW and Broome Bounty Warehouse
  • Oversee ordering, tracking, and inventory of various food items in the CHOW and Broome Bounty Warehouse
  • Ensure that all inventory, labeling and warehouse conditions are according to Feeding America Standards
  • Supervise warehouse staff, volunteers and assigned workers
  • Schedule pick-ups and drop offs of various food items to agencies, congregations, and businesses throughout Broome and neighboring counties
  • Serves as a member of the BC3 staff; actively participating in staff meetings, training, and other related Council functions
  • Develop networking relationships with outside agencies to donate perishable goods to Broome Bounty
  • Act as contact with current Pantry/Broome Bounty donors
  • Oversees CHOW® Works programming on CHOW® Farm, in warehouse and on CHOW® Fresh Mobile Markets

Facility Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee and carry out the day to day facility operations, security requirements and maintenance needs of the Broome County Council of Churches’ buildings and grounds. 
  • Establish and oversee security systems associated with facility, key and lock security, fire alarm, electrical system, heating/cooling, security cameras, etc. and advise Executive Director in maintaining full compliance with safety, fire, environmental and OSHA related regulations and requirements. 
  • Utilize available volunteers and staff to assist with facility operations and advise Executive Director as to need for outside support in correcting problems and ensuring excellence in the maintenance, cleaning and safety operations of the facility. 
  • Maintain a presence on the Broome County Council of Churches Facilities Committee. 
  • Other duties as assigned    


  •  The ability to create and maintain a client/employee focused environment that focuses on recognizing strengths and the utilization of mentoring to assist with personal development
  • The ability to appreciate and recognize the strengths of other team members in a non-threatening manner
  • Requires experience and/or willingness and ability to fully implement a comprehensive approach to managing the hunger advocacy and relief distribution warehouse
  • Ability to interpret regulations associated with the facility
  • Ability to become familiar and functional with facility operations and maintenance of the building and grounds
  • Ability to understand, review and improve the standard operating procedures of CHOW®

Work Setting:

  •  Will work in an office, warehouse and community settings. Will involve nontraditional work hours and work weeks