The Helping Our People in Emergencies (HOPE) Program assists individuals and families in true emergencies. This is a program administered by the Broome County Council of Churches on behalf of the sponsoring congregations. Clients must be referred by one of the sponsoring congregations.

Situations assisted by HOPE:

  • Utilities assistance – Shut Off notice necessary
  • Life saving prescription medications
  • Emergency housing for domestic abuse victims
  • CHOW® Referrals
  • Personal Care Items – including infant care, children’s needs, etc.

Situations not eligible for HOPE Assistance:

  • Rental Assistance
  • Travel (except domestic abuse victims)
  • Car repairs
  • Gasoline – except under extreme circumstances
  • Bus Tickets – except in cooperation with BC3 Jail Ministry
  • Cab Fair
  • Purchase of consumable goods – including automobile parts
  • Situations where a request can be filled by another agency