How You Can Help

Make a cash donation: Click here.

Make a food donation – Buy non-perishable food when you do your regular grocery shopping and put it in one of the CHOW® Barrels in any WEIS Market or drop it off at our Warehouse.

Round up for CHOW® – When shopping at one of the local WEIS markets, ask the cashier to round up to the nearest dollar for CHOW®. This money goes into an account so we can give out coupons for perishable items like milk and bread.


  • At one of our pantries or in our warehouse.
  • On our CHOW® Farm.
  • At one of our promotions.

To volunteer click here.

Have a food drive in your neighborhood or school – Call or e-mail the BC3 office at 607-724-9130 or for information on how to conduct a food drive for CHOW®. We can supply some supplies, including CHOW® food barrels.