The “Encounter” radio and tv program is sponsored by the Council of Churches and provides a 1/2 hour format for discussing issues of faith, spirituality, ethics, the role of the church in society today, and resources in our community.

Hosts of the Encounter Program are: The Rev. Dr. Joseph Sellepack,  Rev. Mark Kimpland, Jeff Kellam and Talia Moore.


Your comments are always welcome. It is with your feed back that we can be sure to meet your needs and expectations. Please feel free to suggest a topic or a guest for Encounter. Please be sure to include the contact information for any suggested guest so that we may contact them.

Email: encounter@broomecouncil.net
Phone: 607-724-9130
c/o Broome County Council of Churches
3 Otseningo Street
Binghamton, NY 13903