Faith in Action

We are lucky to enjoy our lives and relationships longer than ever before. However, the expanding life expectancy and a steadily growing older adult population presents serious personal and public health concerns.Navigating housing arrangements, physical and mental health, nutrition, and quality of life in a cost effective way are lofty tasks.Our community members, regardless of age, have the skills and tools necessary to be a part of the solution.



Faith in Action empowers people 60+ to be active, engaged and involved in their community by mobilizing a network of volunteers to provide free inclusive programming & care partnerships.

Our Services Include

  • Transportation for Medical Appointments and Grocery Shopping
  • The Shopper Program through Office for Aging
  • Grocery Day
  • Friendly Visits
  • Inclusive Social & Programming and Educational Partnerships

Get Involved

Faith in Action relies heavily on the generosity of the community to run and grow our programs.

For upcoming fundraisers and events, please visit the fundraising events page.

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Program Director

(607) 724-9130 ext. 304