What do we do??? We take seriously the spiritual, the human, and the emotional dimensions of hospitalization. We seek to function out of an ecumenical stance…one that understands ministry and support through our team’s personal motivations and traditions. We offer spirital care to patients, families, and staff who might be receptive to such ministry and support. We focus on issues of meaning, value, and purpose, which our theological discipline prepares us to do in collaboration with our health care disciplines. Where people are related to and/or affiliated with religious support structures, we seek to facilitate ministry and to support those significant resources.

Hospital Ministry is the way we care for the spiritual needs while a patient’s medical and physical needs are being met.

The Director for the Council of Churches Hospital Ministry is Chaplain John Koopman. Working with Chaplain Koopman at Binghamton General Hospital and Wilson Memorial Hospital is Fr. Corey VanKuren, Deacon Tom Piccano, and Chaplain Barbara Eggleston. Fr. Corey VanKuren is also the Director of the team of Chaplains that provides emergency and trauma coverage 24/7 in our community.

Together, as a team of dedicated professionals, we offer emotional and spiritual care to the sick and injured.