During the final days of a sentence, anxiety can run high for inmates. Quite often the temptations that had led into trouble are again clamoring for attention. Our Discharge Planner and Reentry Coordinator, along with a core of volunteers and interns, assist inmates in referrals for basic human needs, education, documentation, recovery and employment. Upon release, ex-offenders are encouraged to visit the Council office for follow-up referrals and assistance with food and hygiene items. Often, for those who are not from this area, a one-way bus ticket to return home can be arranged.

We are always in need of more volunteers to assist those reentering society. We are also in need of local congregations, agencies and organizations who are willing to become a partners with the reentry program in providing services, referrals, classes, programs, support groups, recovery programs, religious programs or any other creative endeavors which can address most any human predicament.  Many who are returning to society may have deficits in literacy, financial management, job skills, education, life skills, addictions and social and family skills.