More than a dozen volunteers from the Broome County Council of Churches “Ramp It Up” youth initiative came together to help make a home handicap accessible for an Endicott woman.

The organization set a milestone today with its 100th ramp.

“I could get as far as the door. And my husband would have to go in back of me, or in front of me, to go up and down the steps.  And I would have to hang on to the railing or the steps.  And the pain was so great in my back and my sides.  By the time I got out to the car, I was ready to go back in the house,” said homeowner with a newly fixed ramp, Shirley Grow.

Grow can now leave her home with ease and the ramp is not all that’s been built.

“It’s built bridges.  It’s helped countless people, 100 different families, to be able to have freer access to their home,” said Executive Director of the Broome County Council of Churches Joe Sellepack.

Volunteers such as Senior Danielle Pier, who began the program in the seventh grade, agree.

“It really means a lot.  This is one of the big things that I do and it just really means a lot to me that the people are happy after all this happens,” said Volunteer Danielle Pier.

It all added up to a great and happy birthday for the Endicott Woman indeed.

“This is so fabulous.  Now I can get out, I can go out and get some fresh air.  I can walk my puppy.  This is overwhelming, I’m so happy,” said Grow.

Grow seems to enjoy her gift of new freedoms.

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