Faith in Action Volunteers is pleased to announce that Bill Austin, a Ramp It Up volunteer, was chosen as the 2019 recipient of the Arthur Orr Award for Exemplary Volunteer Service from the Klee Foundation. Bill received his award at a reception held on November 6th at the Binghamton Club.

In order to receive the award, nominees must be “a volunteer who works behind the scenes and mentors others, who does not seek recognition, but whose dedication and service is critical to the success of the organization.”  Bill fulfills all these requirements, and more.  He has been volunteering for Ramp It Up for four years and does just about everything from organizing the trailer to securing the necessary building materials to actually building the ramps.  Not only does he have the knowledge and skills needed to build ramps, but he has the heart for the program.  His commitment to serving those with mobility constraints and to mentor youth is a testimony to how valuable and important volunteers are in our community.  Bill brings independence and hope for the future to our neighbors in need.

We are grateful for all our volunteers and appreciate all that they, and Bill, give to our program.

Congratulations, Bill, from all of us at Faith in Action and the Council of Churches!


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