BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The American Civic Association shooting was a tragic and horrific event, but the victims’ loved ones have found comfort in the support of the community.

For more than a year, volunteer organizations and non-profits such as Broome County Council of Churches and the Crime Victim’s Assistance Center helped provide food, counseling, transportation and other services.

Staff said it was an experience they will never be able to forget.

“We live in a great place, we have great people that live here,” said Joe Sellepack, the executive director of the BC Council of Churches. “We have a resilient community that can come together in difficult times and we have a way of treating each other with tenderness and care when it’s necessary.”

Dr. Jeffrey King lost his mother, Roberta “Bobbie” King, in the tragedy, and said it was a chaotic day.

“A dear friend of the family calling to say ‘Jeffrey, you’re mother’s in the building’,” King said. “I didn’t even know what building we were talking about yet, but we never, ever would have dreamed how horrific this would be.”

King said the community support meant the world to him and his family, and it was extremely comforting to know the community was right beside him and his family.

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