BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park wrapped up its 142nd season on Sunday. November 26 was the last day community members had the chance to go visit the animals until they re-open next year.

Visitors who brought in a canned good Sunday for the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW), a nonprofit organization helping feed the hungry, were able to get into the zoo for free.

12 News caught up with some families visiting.

“I really like zoos and animals and there’s a zoo here and I saw it on my Facebook page,” Callyn Langseth, a first time visitor from Washington, said.

“She has been following the Binghamton Zoo Facebook and it has made her so excited to come,” Kayleigh Langesth, Callyn’s mother explained.

As for what will happen to the animals now that its getting colder, zoo keepers take extra precautions to make sure they all stay healthy.

“All of the animals stay right on the grounds,” Rachel Davenport, the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park public relations coordinator, explained. “A lot of the animals that we have are native to these climates just like this area so most of them love being out in the cooler weather in the snow.”

Zoo officials say some of the creatures who don’t like the cold weather, are kept indoors during the cold months.

“Now the animals that are from warmer climates, they stay inside in temperature controlled rooms,” Davenport added.

The zoo plans on opening back up again around Earth Day next year, which is in April.

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