CHOW has received help in its new efforts to target the root cause of hunger: poverty.

CHOW’s South Side Community Wellness Center got a $25,000 grant from SEFCU.

CHOW, which is a program of the Broome County Council of Churches, started operating the center earlier this month.

In addition to a standard food pantry, the converted garage has a kitchen for cooking classes and raised beds outdoors to teach gardening.

The money will help cover the cost of AmeriCorps staff to offer other classes in yoga, exercise and financial literacy.

Director Reverend Joe Sellepack said the Council doesn’t want to feed hunger, it wants to end it.

“How do we help people that are in poverty, leave poverty. We’re thinking about ways that we can use our space, use our facilities and use our programs as job training opportunities for people,” he said.

SEFCU also donated $20,000 to CHOW to support its traditional network of food pantries across our community.

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