Local churches are preparing for Easter through their Lenten Services, including Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in Endicott.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten season. The ashes placed on parishioner’s foreheads come from palms from last season and symbolize repentance.

“Lent is a kind of a spring cleaning to us of sorts so if you think about how you clean your house out, well, Lent is kind of how we clean our houses out and make our life a little bit better,” said Joe Sellepack, Executive Director of the Broome County Council of Churches.

Each week, different local clergy are preaching at the services and local musicians are providing music.

Sellepack says the services have gone on for many decades.

The weekly Wednesday services will be held at noon at 312-314 E. Main Street in Endicott until April 1.


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