Congregation-Based Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) teaches pastoral care, pastoral leadership, and systems theory for clergy, seminarians, and lay ministers in the church. It is designed for experienced pastors, lay workers, and seminarians new to pastoral work. Clergy and lay ministers strengthen pastoral and leadership skills, address tension and conflict in the church, and work on their own personal growth in ministry. The program focuses on in depth systemic change and leadership development that reduces pastoral and congregational anxiety and addresses long-term issues in the church.

CPE Class Location – Binghamton, NY – Broome County Council of Churches
Dates – August to December 2015 – Two days every other week.

Congregation-Based CPE includes three creative components:
 Focus on pastoral and leadership issues and use of self in ministry.
 Consultation on ministry and theological reflection using the case study CPE format.
 Application of Bowen Family Systems Theory to congregational life.

Participants use their current experience in the congregation and other settings as the “clinical material” for learning in the small group process of five to eight students under supervision. The program explores the dynamics of the congregation using the systems theory developed by Dr. Murray Bowen and applied to church leadership by Dr. Edwin Friedman. Participants explore how their position in their family of origin impacts their use of self in ministry, and they work to manage anxiety and maximize strengths.

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