Dear Friends of the Council,

I am sure that we are all in the thick of COVID-19 plans.  I have been struck by both how generous the community has been and the depth of the need that seems to be emerging.  I am praying for the ministry of local churches here in Broome County as we try to assuage the fears and minister to people who truly need to experience the grace and mercy of our God.  I hope that you all find some peace and perspective that leads to greater spiritual growth for all God’s people.

Currently, many of you are developing on-line resources that can be used by your parishioners during this anxious time.  We at the Council are in process of compiling all of these on-line services and resources whose links we will put on our website and send out to the community.  This is an opportunity for us to be a witness of greater faith and offer pastoral care in a time of great turmoil.  Please send those links to  We will collect them and distribute them through the avenues we have available to us.

I am so proud of the work that we can do together.  Let’s make this crisis into an opportunity to love people and serve them best as we can.

Together in love,

Rev. Dr. Joseph Sellepack

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