The heavy rainfall has destroyed thousands of pounds of potatoes that were destined for CHOW and other programs that help those in need.

For several years, the Southern Tier Antique Tractor Club has sponsored a program that grows potatoes and donates them to regional food programs.

Club spokesman Jim Baker said the potatoes “rotted right in the ground” following a series of storms that flooded the fields off Route 26 in West Corners.

Speaking on WNBF Radio’s Binghamton Now program, Baker said “they’re gone.” He said it’s a “sad thing” noting that 14 tons of potatoes were harvested from a single field last year.

Five months ago, the club picked up 4500 pounds of seed potato from Cornell University for planting in May. The organization’s website indicated the “potatoes look excellent” and were expected to provide a “good yield.”

CHOW director Jack Seman said “it’s unfortunate that the potatoes were lost” this year. He said the program received about 16,000 pounds of potatoes last year through the tractor club’s initiative.

Baker said the club members plan to resume the potato-growing effort next spring.

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