BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – A local credit union is giving money to a local organization to keep food on the table for hungry people in our area.

Representatives from SEFCU presented a $20,000 check to CHOW this afternoon at the warehouse located at 3 Otseningo Street in Binghamton.

The money will be used to purchase food, provide job training and education.

SEFCU has been donating to CHOW for over 10 years.

CHOW Director Jack Seman says large scale donations go a long way.

“They’re absolutely incredible.  Partners like SEFCU allow us to do what we do each year.  They are a partner we can count on to allow us to make a huge difference in more ways than one,” said Seman.

CHOW is able to provide up to seven meals for only a dollar through bulk and wholesale purchasing.

The organization distributes 130,000 pounds of food per month.

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