UNION (WBNG) — Several organizations in Broome county are looking to prevent scammers from leaving the elderly high and dry this summer.

Broome County Family Violence Prevention Council’s Elder Abuse Committee and the Broome County Council of Churches along with representatives from the Attorney General’s Office, FBI, police, Visions Federal Credit Union and various other adult serving organizations came together Thursday to help spread the word about scams.

As summer approaches, experts say the elderly should be on the look out for home improvement scams. They say to be suspicious of any unsolicited offer to work on your home. Experts say there is no problem with your property so bad that it needs to be done right away. It is important to always check out the contractor — do a background check.

“One of the key things we wanted to indicate today is something our parents always told us and it really is true– if it is too good to be true it probably is,” said Amie Reilly, security compliance officer. “If it was too good of a deal it probably was too good of a deal.”

Another popular form of scams aimed at attacking the elderly include telemarketers claiming you owe money to them. If this happens — call your financial adviser or your bank.

Another scam that a lot of people seem to be falling for are fake lottery scams. Remember, you cant win a lottery in Jamaica if you’re not from Jamaica.

The best way to avoid being scammed, experts say you should not respond. They recommend hanging up the phone and shredding what you received in the mail.

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