The colors of autumn give us pause to think of all the joys you have graced us with. We thank you for the oranges that speak of the flames of warmth that keep the chill from setting in too deep. We give you thanks for the reds which remind us of the apples which ripen on the trees and give us the taste of the season. We give you thanks for the browns and the greens that tell us of the bookends of life that we all are born but like the leaves, one day we too will fall to the earth and find in it a final resting place. Thank you for the yellows which remind us that these days are short and we must be quick to do good and to find joy before that night comes when we too will sleep.

Help us in these autumn days to be a source of joy for others. Just as the leaves bring memories of children who play in them, throwing leaves in the air, diving in and finding simple joys in a pile, help us to play in the midst of the leaves, to bring joy to others, and to be a source of life and love to all we meet. Through us may others know the warmth of your love, the flavor of your joy, and the rest which we can have in your grace. Thank you for the gift of these autumn days and for the ability to enjoy all that you have created.


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