Remote control pilots from all over the world are gliding into the Southern Tier this weekend to fly at the 31st Annual Giant Scale Fun Fly at the Chenango Bridge Airport.

The Fun Fly is free and open to the public. It kicks off at 10:00 a.m. Saturday and goes through 3 p.m. Sunday.

Organizers say it will be fun for the whole family and will be comparable to a full-scale air show.

The Fun Fly is sponsored by the Binghamton Aeros, which is a group of giant scale RC pilots from around the Southern Tier.

“An air show on a little smaller scale. A little more confined space — no less beautiful or no less capable than the full-scale aircraft. And we’ll actually have a controlled tower set up with a PA system, so we’ll be announcing what the airplanes are, who the pilots are, and as they go through aerobatic maneuvers and that sort of thing, just like a full-scale air show,” said Binghamton Aeros President Tony Jensen.

This year’s event will support the local Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW) and pilots from all around the world are showing off their giant scale remote control planes.

“[The fun fly] attracts people from as far as Ohio and we have a lot of people from Canada, you know, Pennsylvania, Southern Jersey, that come here, so it’s almost like old homecoming,” said pilot and Yonkers resident Daniel Carozza.

There are wide open corn fields, a grass runway, and not a lot of people to disturb when some of the planes can get pretty loud, which makes this the perfect venue to host the 31st year of the giant scale fun fly.

“You’re gonna see replicas of World War I. You’re gonna see the Golden Age, 30s and 40s replicas, then you’re gonna see World War II airplanes, we call them War Birds — they’re very fast, very exciting — a lot of aerobatics, and everything in between. Maybe a jet or two,” said Litchfield, CT resident Mike Mirabilio.

There will be nearly 60 different remote control aircraft.

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